Built Green®, It’s All About Value…

How would you like to live in a home that is more comfortable than any you have ever lived in before, costs less to heat and cool, and is free of most of the airborne contaminants that are responsible for so many of today’s health problems? Also this home would fit more naturally into the environment, with less disruption to streams, forests, and animal life. Sounds good, doesn’t it! This is what today’s Built-Green home is all about.

Built Green® is an all-encompassing approach to home building, starting with how we treat the land we are building on. With minimal site disruption, we are less likely to develop drainage problems, and more natural landscapes will require less care. More careful use of raw materials, and more engineered uses result in less forest destruction per home. Designing the building envelope to be tighter and better insulated keeps heating and cooling costs low, and helps us control interior air quality. Innovations in plumbing systems let us use less water, recapture heat from waste water, and use grey water for irrigation of the garden.

Through years of research and innovation, we have developed materials and techniques that allow us to build a very “mainstream” home, with a lower impact on the environment. The SICBA Built Green® home can be designed around your specifications, but using less raw materials, more recycled product, and creating less waste in the process. Advances in insulation, heating and cooling technology allow us to heat and cool the Built Green® home at a fraction of the cost of heating a standard home.

When shopping for a new home, we all compare price. One of the key factors we ask is “What will my monthly payment be?” The question we should be asking is “What is my total monthly cost of ownership?” Some factors that need consideration are obvious, such as monthly heating and lighting costs. Other costs are hidden deeply within the structure of your home, such as durability, regular maintenance costs, and sustainability of design. One of the most important goals of a Built Green® home is to provide the owner with a lower over-all monthly cost of ownership. Usually the energy savings alone can make up for any additional up-front costs. When the durability and maintenance are factored in, your savings will just multiply throughout your years of home ownership.

Ted L. Clifton, Committee Chair

Green Building 101 Videos, Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Built Green Washington has prepared several video segments to introduce you to the Built Green program and key benefits. The project was funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology, produced by Bainbridge Island Television, with creative consulting by O’Brien and Company.