SICBA is the politcal voice of the building industry for Skagit & Island Counties.  We are neither Democratic or Republican.  Our Political Action Committee takes the time to listen to the candidates and the Association chooses to support the candidates who will support the building industry.  Below is a list of current candidates for the Nov. 6th election, who we support.

Voting is one of our most important rights we
hold as citizens of the United States and
Washington State. It is important that you cast
your ballot and let your voice be heard.
When you vote, please consider voting for the
candidates both the BIAW Washington Affordable
Council and the Skagit/Island Counties Builders
Association Political Action Committee have vetted and
determined are friendly to our industry. The following
are those candidates:

10th District
State Representative Position 1 – Norma Smith
State Representative Position 2 – Dave Hayes

39th District
State Senate – Keith Wagoner
State Representative Position 1 – Robert Sutherland
State Representative Position 2 – Carolyn Eslick

40th District
State Representative Position 1 – Michael Petrish
Island County
Commissioner District 3 – Rick Hannold

Skagit County PUD
Commissioner 2 – Joe Lindquist

In both counties there are races that are not contested.
Please be sure to mark you ballots for those positions
as well because there is a requirement that each
candidate get a certain percentage of the vote even if
they are not contested races.
Please do not wait until the last day to vote – especially
if you are mailing your ballot. Get it done at least a day
in advance to be sure the post mark is correct and your
ballot will be counted. If you wait until Election Day to
vote, either drop your ballot in one of the drop boxes
located different places in both counties or physically
take it in the post office and ask the clerk to stamp it
with the date stamp for November 6 If it is stamped th.
later than the 6th, it will not be counted.

For a list of all BIAW supported candidates, CLICK HERE